Watermelon Salad with Lemon Chia Dressing

The Original Texas Tastemaker Sweet and tangy poppy seed dressing has certainly had a long run in the spotlight. Made popular by Helen Corbitt back in the 1950’s, poppy seed dressing is still a regular offering on most summer fruit salads. (FYI inasmuch as I could have googled this Helen Corbitt factoid, I knew this […]


Tart and Juicy Ruby Red Grapefruit Pie

A Signature Regional Dessert One of the glories of our Rio Grande Valley autumns is the harvest of the Ruby Red grapefruit. They are what every little grapefruit should aspire to be. Sweet, juicy and deep red on the inside, blushing like a peach on the outside. Use them for your pie if you can […]


Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies

Better than Any Powdered Mix Mexican hot chocolate is different than the powdered cocoa mixes we consume here in the U.S. In chocolate growing countries, many communities have a molino or mill that will grind the chocolate nibs into your house recipe, including the spices and amount of sugar that you like. Out of the […]


Refreshing and Different Celery Lemonade

Celery Can Make A Refreshing Beverage Celery Lemonade is an incredibly refreshing beverage on hot, dry summer days. I served this recipe to some visiting chefs from the Culinary Institute of America, and they were quite impressed! If you don’t care for celery, try substituting cucumber for an equally thirst quenching drink. And really, you only […]

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Pork Carnitas (Pork Pieces prepared Cauldron Style)

Pork Carnitas are a Traditional Weekend Treat Lots of little mom and pop taco stands serve carnitas on the weekends. The name simply means “little meats” and they are considered an affordable indulgence. The milk added in the last stage of cooking gives each piece of meat a scrumptiously crisp crust. Carnitas can be enjoyed […]



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A Portscheller Kitchen – My Favorite Place

Our Kitchen Many of you know that my husband is a Western artist. He spends most of his days painting and sculpting, pretty much nine-to-five. Right now, he’s in the next room working on a commission for an important historical project (Sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy, so don’t ask what it is…) He listens to […]


Mint Lemonade for The Free Spirit

Mint at My Grandmother’s House Ants and spiders trailed under the green coolness, and the cats would bat around the lizards that hid there.  In the Spring, red and white amaryllis pushed their way through the low jade canopy, and pure white Easter lilies bloomed surrounded by verdant freshness. The leafy carpet of fresh mint […]


A Pachamanca in the Village of Huilac

The turns on the narrow mountainside road were so sharp, our tour bus would stop on the hairpin curves, back up, and then reposition itself to continue up the steep muddy slope. We were all holding our breath. We rode the bus until the road faded into a dusty path, and then we continued on […]