Authentic Pig Head Molcajete - Large

Since pre-Hispanic times, molcajetes have been used to grind spices and make salsa in every Mexican kitchen. Those who know Mexican cuisine can judge a dish’s authenticity by the accompanying sauce: Salsas made in molcajetes have an earthy texture, and full flavor.  Molcajetes are not only popular for making guacamole, but are used often as a guacamole serving bowl as well.

Made for a big Fiesta, this extra large molcajete is decorated with a hand carved pig's head. Great for catering, as well a charming patio garden accent.

Hand carved by artisans in Guanajuato, Mexico, each molcajete is unique. All authentic molcajetes must be cured before their first use. For detailed seasoning instructions, you can read our blog post on how to cure a molcajete. After a molcajete is cured, it will be a kitchen treasure for generations to come.

*Extra freight charges may be required on this item. Please call before ordering.

Care & Cleaning: Hand wash, not for dishwasher use. Curing required.

Size: Approximately 14" in diameter x 5" deep x 9"tall



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