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Living 40 minutes from the grocery store, we never get fresh donuts on a Sunday morning. Ever. But, we have the best sunsets and can whoop it up any time we feel like it, and not bother any neighbors, since we have none. You can’t have everything.

But we do have a work-around for those times when donuts absolutely must be on our table. Refrigerated dough to the rescue!

I had to laugh when I was strolling through the refrigerated cases at the supermarket when I was shopping for this recipe. I wanted big biscuits, which ended up as Pillsbury Grands, but the biscuits labeled Texas style were tiny, about as wide as a golf ball. Have these people never heard that we like things big in Texas?

More Donuts for me!

Glazing with Dulce de leche is pretty easy, as long as you find the right type. Dulce de leche can be thick and fudgy, sold in solid bars, or it can be pourable, like a caramel sauce. Each brand of dulce de leche has a different level of thickness. Obviously, the dulce the leche products that are fudgy are not the right dulce de leche for this recipe. Look for a dulce de leche that pours. I tried a new product Eagle Brand Caramel Condensed Milk, which had the right consistency, just like regular condensed milk. I liked the results, although it had a bit of a maple flavor. Next time I will probably try a goat’s milk dulce de leche, as it is my favorite (but hard to find at the supermarket.)

The best part of these donuts are the middles. Yum! Tiny, hot bits of crispy golden dough, with a caramel glaze. Absolutely scrumptious! No way I would share those! I ate them before the plate of donuts even made it to the table. Another reason to be grateful for no neighbors. More donuts for me!

Prepared Dulce de Leche Donuts

Use a donut cutter to remove the middles (Confession: I used the cap of a tea ball, as I couldn’t find my donut cutter)

Frying Dulce de Leche Donuts

It only takes a few seconds for the donuts to fry.

Fresh Dulce de Leche Donuts

Golden brown perfection

Dulce de Leche Glazed Donuts

Dipping the donuts twice on one side made the perfect glazed donut



Dulce de Leche Glazed Donuts

Dulce de Leche Donuts

An easy way to make fresh, hot donuts at home

  • Author:
  • Prep Time: 5 min
  • Cook Time: 1 min
  • Total Time: 6 minutes
  • Yield: 8 donuts
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Cuisine: Latin Inspired


2 cups vegetable oil for frying

1 can refrigerated biscuit dough, 8 ct, 16 oz (500gr)

1/2 cup dulce de leche


In a large skillet or Dutch oven, heat the vegetable oil to 350°F (170°C). Remove the biscuit dough from the package, and cut out the middles with a donut cutter, or a small round cookie cutter. Carefully place each donut and middle piece in the heated vegetable oil, and fry the donut until brown, about 20 seconds. Using tongs, carefully flip the donuts and middle pieces to the other side, and fry for another 20 seconds. Remove the donuts to a pan lined with paper towels, and keep warm until all the donuts are fried.

Pour the dulce de leche into a shallow bowl or plate. Dip the cooled donuts in the dulce de leche, and place on a cooling rack. Dip only one side of the donut, for easier handling. Once all the donuts have been glazed, dip them one more time in the dulce de leche.

Makes 8 donuts, with middles

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