South Texas Ranch Living is Slow but Steady

Y’all Slow Down In the last decade, the internet has taken over our lives and made the world spin twice as fast. A bus crash can happen in Japan, and my smartphone would let me know immediately when it hits the news.  So much information, changing so fast. And I don’t mind at all. In […]

How to Make Homemade Flour Tortillas

Practice Makes Perfect I have only one thing to say about flour tortillas: practice. Getting the dough part right is not too hard. Below is the classic flour tortilla recipe, measured in kilos. I converted it to cups for you, but to get consistent results, I would do it a la Mexicana and weigh the ingredients on […]

What is the Difference between Fajitas & Arracheras?

Fajitas vs. Arracheras Fajitas are sizzling hot in the culinary world. Chicken, beef, shrimp and even tempeh fajitas can be found on menus across the nation, but it is rather confusing as to what exactly a “fajita” is. On top of that, some of the more authentic Mexican restaurants occasionally offer “arracheras” on the menu, […]